Palestine Hosting Society: a collective in the making.

Palestine Hosting Society is collective that welcomes food enthusiasts, cooks, artists, researchers and those interested in the culture of food.

The collective aims to create a platform for food enthusiast to construct and reconstruct their relations with place, history, society and politics over food. Each member of this collective will be engaged in a personal research based on eating, reading, conversations, and thinking of culinary interventions, that unpack broader social concerns and limitations vis-à-vis contemporary political dilemmas that construct our nowadays Palestinian communities.

Food has always been a representation of class, time, and power. It creates a significantly different atmosphere for encounters to be happen. Sharing food puts on the table aspects of hospitality, distribution, exchange, familiarity and pleasure. A shared meal, can become a space of reflection for socio-political realities, attitudes, fashions of the time, and even the suppressed elements of history.

Palestine Hosting Society is a project by artist Mirna Bamieh.

Family Dinner: The Collective’s first Project

For first project, 5 members of the collective: Mai Odeh, Shaima Hamad, Momen Tayeh, Suzanne Matar, Fatin Farhat, allocated themselves each to one family in Palestine, and engaged with them over a period of 3 months (October-February), looking closely at the ‘family’s history, their culture of food, the space of cooking and its material and visual culture, source of ingredients, storage of food, economy of the daily menu, favourite dishes, daily meals, seasonal alterations in the menu, special occasions meals and so forth.

Each participant documented this knowledge in multiple creative ways, whereby several dishes were selected, learnt by cooking with the family in their premises, then put together as a “Dinner menu” together with the selected family for a hosted dinner at the family’s house with selected or public participation.

The Collective's first project, Family Dinners, is funded by the Public Programme at A. M. Qattan Foundation, where an Open Call was released on July 2017, inviting food enthusiasts and those interested in the culture of food (cooks, researchers and others) to apply with proposals. 5 participants were selected from over 30 applications to memebers of first act of Palestine Hosting Society: a collective in the making